Designing With Passion

No matter how you use us, your business is going to work better, look better, and feel better. Everything about Impossible Things is designed to deliver beautiful and purposeful solutions for your idea problems.

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Thinking with Innovation

Impossible Thinks can lead to Impossible Things.

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Random Idea Generation

We think. You act. Buy our time to think our way out of your problems. Not knowing what you do enables us to approach your business with completely fresh synaptic links.

Elegant & Practical

If it isn’t elegant and it isn’t practical it might not be a solution at all. We’re not interested in you paying us to be clever. We’re interested in you paying us to make things happen.

Fully Responsive

Like your best email service we can be fully responsive to what you want to achieve. Whatever the technology we can talk passionately about what’s relevant and how our ideas can help you.

Silver Linings

We’re all in the gutter but some of us live in the clouds. It’s not just for data or the birds. Blue-sky thinking is so 20th century. We can do any colour sky thinking.

10% Inspiration + 90% Perspiration

We don’t believe in magic. We don’t (mostly) believe in people being born brilliant. We definitely don’t believe that ideas grow on trees – although Newton had one land on him once. What we do believe is that the effort counts for more than the original inspiration. In other words, or id est or i.e. = Idea + Effort

  • Inspiration 10%
  • Perspiration 90%

The Most Advanced Idea Generator Yet…

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