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Art More Lovely - Art Collective

Art More Lovely was started in 2011. Kicked off by Tony Davis and Genny Early it is a loose collective of creatives who exhibit during Oxford Art Weeks each year in early Summer. The location is Heyford House, Lower Heyford, Oxfordshire. Heyford House is also a lovely place to stay.

Work features ceramics, collage, linocut, photography, oak furniture, and mixed media. Artists who have exhibited include: Kath Fotheringham, Merlin Brooke-Little, Genny Early, Tony Davis, Charlotte Rademeyer, Sue Abbiss Stubbs, Dz Designs (Samantha Drewett & Richard Zakss), Fredrica Craig, Abigail Boisot, Kate Byrne, Rodas Irving.

Why not take a look at the Art More Lovely website¬†to see what’s happening at this year’s Oxford Art Weeks.

Location: Lower Heyford, UK
Development Phase: Ongoing, yearly.
Website: Art More Lovely